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Who we are

Salbena Investment Company Limited is a social impact organic honey producer company based in  Tanzania. By working with traditional beekeepers in very remote forest and game reserves in Western Tanzania we bring high quality organic honey to customers all over the world.

Why Salbena Honey?

Tanzania, especially the more remote western part is still endowed with large areas of pristine forest, ideal for the collection of forest honey. By creating a stable economy around honey, we can directly contribute to the conservation of these large forest areas.

We started the company after seeing that the existing markets for beekeepers were rife with problems. Uncertainty, non-payment, poor terms, and low pricing are common issues faced by traditional beekeepers in Tanzania. We are finalizing our process for  Organic certification and higher quality standards, to provide a stable market, transparency, and significantly increased farm gate prices for the beekeepers. So far, we have been able to increase the price for honey for our 1,400 registered beekeepers in Western Tanzania by 30%. Providing them with access to equipment and training in the process.

The highest quality organic honey from the western forests of Tanzania

Our honey comes from traditional beekeepers with hives deep in reserved forest and game reserves in western Tanzania. No pesticides, no foreign chemicals, just pure unadulterated organic honey.

  Our company is preferred as natural honey from Tanzania. With traceability right back to the beekeeper in the forest, the honey which gets to you is raw, pure, and delicious.

Social impact through Salbena Honey.

Our network of beekeepers are some of the poorest people on the planet. Through training, certification and our company’s international reach we boost honey incomes by 30% or more. Buying from Salbena Natural Honey creates jobs and prosperity in remote communities that have little of either.

Sustainable incomes that are good for the planet

By working with beekeepers to actively manage their forests, we help to reduce and even reverse the slow creep of deforestation. Replacing illegal logging and charcoal production with a sustainable income from organic honey is good for the beekeepers and good for the planet. We estimate that our work with beekeepers reduces greenhouse gas emissions by at least 56,000T of CO2 every year!


Our mission is to make beekeeping a
sustainable, profitable business for small holder farmers.


To become leading Africa social impact organic honey producer.